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Solid Wood

Are you looking for the best flooring material option to upgrade your flooring? Solid wood flooring can be a great choice.

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It is a perfect choice for those looking to enhance the look of their home. Solid wood floors are durable and easy to maintain. They also contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality.

Solid wood flooring is a 100% natural product. Each board consists of a single piece that is machine-cut to size, typically between 18 and 25 centimeters.

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Solid wood styles are:

*Flat-sawn – The timber is cut horizontally, and is considered to be the most recognisable style of wood flooring, as this cut creates a distinctive triangular grain finish;

*Quarter- sawn – The material is cut into quarters, and the strips make up the flooring. Once finished, the flooring has a linear grain pattern;

*Rift-sawn – The timber is cut into quarters, and then complimented with a flat-sawn cut. This creates a horizontal grain finish.

During cutting stage, the material is heavily controlled so that its moisture content is reduced – else, the timber can warp during storage.

Solid wooden boards can be treated with a variety of finishes, which can give you a whole new world of flexibility in terms of appearance.

Boards can be varnished for a clean and glossy finish, or can alternatively be oiled and left untreated to create a rustic, natural look in your property.

Along with versatility, hard wooden floors are incredibly durable too. This means that, with a little love and care, your floor can be as good as new for many years to come.

Which wood to choose:

There are many different species of wood, each of which can provide varying patterns, colours and styles.

Oak flooring is considered to be one of the most popular species for solid wood flooring, as it’s incredibly strong, durable and can be a versatile material.

Maple and Ash are also very popular and have their own unique style and colour.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood floors.


*Can last for a long period of time;
*Can be easily cleaned and maintained;
*Healthy and safe to people and pets(it does not promote mold, allergen and bacterial);
*It comes with many different designs, styles, species and colors to choose from.


*There is only one disadvantage for buying solid wood floor – its price.

Solid wood flooring gives your home a natural and timeless appeal – no matter what is your interior style.