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Do you want to replace the existing flooring in your home? Wooden flooring can be a great choice.

Fashion comes in and passes. But wooden floors remain forever.

People prefer installing wooden floors for both residential and commercial buildings. These floors last longer than many other available options. Wooden flooring can provide great looks. This type of flooring doesn’t accumulate dust particles and allergens, resulting in healthier indoor air. Wooden floors are easy to maintain. They are available in a wide range of types.

ZeX Wood Flooring has been providing wooden floor installation for a long time. Some of our services are floor fitting service, floorboards repair, wood floor repair, floor sanding, floor refinishing, floor restoration, etc. We use the finest quality materials, tools, and equipment. Feel free to contact us to know more.

Floor boards are made of coniferous or deciduous wood.

Most popular wood for floor boards are the ashes, and for the luxurious spaces oak flooring gives a graveness and firmness.
Wide, floor boards made of solid wood are amazing with their natural beauty and luxury.

They can be sanded up even a couple of times, therefore, it is quite simple to upgrade the interior of the house.

Customers choose wooden floor not only for beauty but also for durability, lasting and easy care.

Wooden floors balance indoor air humidity and ensure good insulation.

It is especially attractive that the flat surface of the tape does not accumulate dust, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Floorboards- It’s a long solid wood board.

When they are layed down, installed, they are grinded, primed, second time grinded, polished and varnished.

A tree is a living organism that has a twig, curvature, or roughness.
But these woodmarks provide the flooring with exclusivity and originality.
Wooden floors – it is classic, natural, luxury.
Floorboard will give you coziness and create a healthy environment for You and Your children.

Advantages and disadvantages of array floor boards.


• Wood is a great thermal insulator;
• Luxurious looks, always fashionable;
• Lightweight, long lasting and flexible;
• Can be easily painted.
• Wood absorbs and releases vapor and thus regulates the dampness of the environment and creates comfortable conditions.
• Using sanding can be many times renewed.
• Can be installed in different patterns


• It swell from the humidity and shrinks overheated, so a crack may appear.
• High price.
• It is complicated process of installation and varnishing, requiring the cost of craftsmanship, time, work and materials.