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The parquet is a natural, organic, and durable floor covering. Parquet wood flooring involves arranging different pieces of wood to create a pattern. A good quality parquet will serve you for decades. Parquet flooring can match any taste and lifestyle. Also, this flooring is durable and easy to clean. What’s more, unlike many other flooring options, parquet flooring doesn’t accumulate allergens and dust particles.

ZeX Wood Flooring has been providing wood floor services, including floor fitting service, parquet flooring restoration, and floor refinishing for many years. We also offer laminate wood flooring, solid wood flooring, floor sanding, floorboards repair, and more. Get in touch with us for additional information.

Parquet board advantages:

* Ecological;

* Keeps the heat;

*Long lasting;

*Has a positive impact on health and the environment in terms of ecology;

*The surface of a parquet floor does not accumulate dust, it is easily cleaned.


*It should be regularly polished, varnished, sprayed with special wax;

*Sensitive to air humidity and dry air;

*It requires a high quality floor surface preparation.

A parquet is usually divided into:

*Selected parquet is of the same color, texture, do not have boughs or other defects;

*Classical- Without defects, but unequal text;

*Natural- Uneven texture and color, with some single boughs (up to 10 mm).

The quality and exterior of the parquet depends on the size and the patterns of the parquet.
It is better to use thicker parquet boards, because they can be grinded and polished many times.
The thickness of the parquet boards may vary from 10mm to 22mm.
The grinding thickness of the parquet board is 5-10mm.

In large rooms, it is recommended to use large parquet boards, then there will be less butt-joints.

When choosing a parquet it is necessary to draw attention to the physical properties of wood.
Hardwood is resistant to friction, wear and tear.

Traditionally, the parquet is made from hardwood rather than coniferous wood, since it is harder.
Parquet flooring at home is the best choice because it delivers comfort, also, on such a floor, it’s nice to go barefoot.